Feb 5, 2013


During the flu, I watched a batch of movies.
Actually, I'm full!

Brokeback Mountain

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

The Accused

It's Complicated

Gran Torino

Le Grand Bleu

Sex and the City

Life is Beautiful 

The King's Speech

Feb 3, 2013

Le Grand Bleu

When I was a high school student, I really liked this film.

At that time, I was poor high school student and there was no Internet.
I really don't remember how I found the movie.
I was so inspired from it. I bought the soundtrack and laserdisc!
My room decorated as blue and dolphin. And I had been going neighbor aquarium to see dolphin.
And I could remember every scene and every insert back grand music.
Oh the movie remind me old high school memories!
When I look back on my youth, I wonder why I wanted to grow up so quickly.
And now, I'm looking back past years, I realize I haven't changed mentally at all.

I mean, I believe I can do everything if I really want to do.
And I’ve been thinking what is essential is invisible to the eye.
Also I still love this movie. 

Feb 1, 2013

The Flu

OMG! Officially, I got the flu A virus.
In my company, We are not able to come to work at least 5 days when we got the flu.
I can't go there until next Wednesday.
But it was found out earlier, I took a medicine ASAP and I already took a rest more than enough!!
I'm spending every single moment at home with cats.
I already watched 6 movies and now I'm watching Glee season 3 every episodes.
I'm bored so much!!

But cats make me relax and my boyfriend and friends care for me.
When it comes to think about my life, I never had such a freedom time.
Of course, I have the flu, I have a cough, a sore throat, a runny nose and my lower nose was peeled because I blew too much my nose. And I can't go out anywhere.
But more than that, I can do whatever I want.
So I decided to watch movies!

This talk really amazing and inspiring. 

Today I'm just watching this 7times, and I impressed 7times. Even I can't understand word everything, I just can't stop watching this and can't stop crying.

Aug 1, 2012


It has been almost two months since I wrote my blog last time.
I've been thinking I'm lazy and no goals person.
But I want to do that I want, little by little.
First of all, I want to write this blog everyday from today. (I always write same purpose. Absolutely I thought so always. I couldn't keep doing this some reasons though.)

I decided to spend time with new kitten.
His name is Ricky (aka Chibi-chan). He is so smart and cute kitten.
He was hit by a car in front of Willton. Chris found him and he brought the kitten to animal hospital. Vet said no broken bones.
And then it was started that Willton teachers were looking for person who wanted to adopt the kitten.

For me, I just lost my black cat in this January. And my white cat has seemed really lonely and he seems old cat.
I thought he needs his partner like black cat.
But I also thought he might not be able to accept other cats.
So I was really worried about getting new kitten.
At first, I tried to meet them each other one night as a trial. They were hissing, punching and hiding each other, and then it ended in failure at day 1.
Secondly, I tried to keep spending them to same place almost 1 week. They were still hissing and hiding each other.
But after 1 week, I was surprised to find, Shiro-chan was licking Ricky's body!
I thought it gonna be ok finally.

And here is what I am now.
Ricky is getting bigger and taller. Shiro-chan and Ricky are playing, licking and sleeping together.
I learned many things from them.
Thank you Ricky and Shiro-chan and I hope we'll continue in the future as well!

I heard about shooting incident in the Eaton Centre in Toronto from Emmy.

As for the Eaton Centre, we went to there everyday when we stayed in Toronto.
It's centrally located in Toronto. There is a large shopping mall and it's served by two Toronto subway stations: Dundas and Queen.
There was shooting incident in the Eaton Centre in Toronto last Saturday. 
At the time of the attack, the mall was heavily crowded with shoppers. Gunfire shots were heard in the lower level food court and near the Sport Chek store close to the Queen Street East entrance at Yonge Street. 
This article reported that one man died and seven others injured. It was not shooting incident at random, it was gang-related attack. 

And Takeshi sent a message to us that he was in there just until thirty minute before the incident.
How scary!!

May 23, 2012

OPISO trip

I had big big holiday during Golden Week.

Four of us have been friend since we visited Cebu Island, Philippines in 2009. We went to Cebu again next year in 2010 and we are good friends.
We are calling ourselves an ‘OPISO’. It came from misunderstanding during our conversation.
Anyway we were planning to go to next trip since then. But it was not easy. Because one of our members was living in Australia when we were planning the trip, and one of our members was staying in Cebu at that time. In addition, the other two members were spending really busy time in Japan. We were ready to give up to continue planning.
But finally we visited NYC and Toronto during Golden Week! It was amazing!!

I think we have super power of weather. We always got nice weather.
Even if we had bad weather when we ate breakfast, it had been really good weather before we knew it. So we could see all of famous fabulous scenery in NYC.
I was like a tour guide for them. We looked around many famous places.

For me, the most memorable, enjoyable and amazing experience was to join Niagara Falls Tour in Toronto. We were wearing original cool OPISO polo shirts we made.
It’s difficult to describe about Maid of the Mist. It's a boat tour of Niagara Falls. The boat starts off at a calm part of the Niagara River, near the Rainbow Bridge, and takes its passengers past the American and Bridal Veil Falls, then into the dense mist of spray inside the curve of the Horseshoe Falls, also known as the Canadian Falls. I think it's like a big big washing machine. We were washed, blown away and being stirred. We just only had cheap weak blue poncho sheet. There was no use for it anything. It was funny. We just had been amazed by nature’s miracle.

By the way, we have our own boom. It’s gathering funny pens.
Those are pens that we bought it in Empire State Building and Niagara Falls.
It's awesome, isn't it?! Hahaha

May 22, 2012


About ten years ago, I was stalked by weird woman.
She was one of my friends. We met each other though the Internet. She wanted to have cat and I wanted to give cat.
I really don’t know the reason but she liked me too much and she was always jealous of everything around me. It was completely crazy. One day she stalked me, one day she put on my private information on the Internet. And one day she called me everyday and she said to me completely crazy things.
At that time, I had been living in other city. I moved to current apartment. Even I changed my job. I ignored every contact from her.
Last month I got the phone by unknown person. It was her.
She said that her cat has been sick and her doctor said he doesn’t have much time.
And she thought about my cats. And then she came up with an idea that she thought to find my blog or SNS. And she knew my cat also had same illness and had passed away recently.
And she called me because she wanted me to visit and to pray for her cat.
I was really scared!

OK. I’m completely happy optimistic person.
But I’ve just frozen when it comes to her. Shin said that I should have just hanged up the phone when I caught the call. But I couldn’t do this. I just froze and I couldn’t do anything.
You can imagine how she has frightened me. You can imagine how she did to me horrible things.
In fact, she might read this brog at this moment. But I cannot have a mutual understanding with her forever. And I’m not able to go ahead anywhere if I really paid attention her. So I put on this post. It’s my decision.

It has been a long time since I post last time.
I've just been lazy. And I had some terrified experience.
I also had awesome experience during my golden week. I'd like to write about it.

But now, I want to write about solar eclipse. It was big event in the whole world. “Solar Eclipse” is that the Sun is hidden partially or totally by the Moon because the Moon crosses in front of the Sun.
Here in Japan, we all were excited to see this.
I saw a lot of people who were wearing special eclipse glasses during the time. Of course, I was one of them.
At first time, it was very clouded and it seemed difficult to see it. But exactly last a few minutes, it cleared off and we could see it.
It was amazing.

In 1990, Dreams Come True sang a song called 'Time Travel'. They are one of famous pop band in Japan.
There is in the lyrics of this,

Could you give me a ring?
I will wait until the eclipse in 2012.
Never forget very very special one.
Yes! A ring of the sun.

I totally could focus on the reminiscence of the '90s.
Wow, it has been long time, but I really change nothing though.

I wanna find escaping from reality!
Emmy! here is 'the best things to do in NYC' for me.

5. Views of skyscraper
      -from Empire State Building Observatory
      -from Top of the Rock Observatory
      -from ferry bound for Staten Island (we also can see Statue of Liberty)
      -from Brooklyn Bridge

4. MoMA - Museum of Modern Art
      I truly love modern art of America. I can spend the whole day here.

3. Night out
     Asiate, The River Café, Joe's shanghai, Grand Central Oyster Bar, Wolfgang's Steakhouse.......!
     Blue Note, The Village Vanguard, Birdland, Smalls, Smoke...
     Wow, I have several plans to spend night out in NYC.

2. Greenwich Village
      Because I'm thinking to live here.
      I'm serious!

1. Central Park!!
       OMG I can tell how much I love Central Park. it's just park. but more than that I can feel something.
       We have to go there. just walk around. nothing special. but I definitely say that we can feel something.
       I highly recommend!!

Jan 23, 2012


Since then I'm feeling so lonely. I feel Kuro-chan everywhere but I can't see her.
But I realized Shiro-chan is feeling really lonely more than me.
They had been together ever since they were born.
I can hardly imagine this pain.
For now, I just hug him as much as possible.

Jan 19, 2012

Arigato Kuro-chan

Kuro-chan died.
She was my cat, she was my family, she was part of my life.
I had understood this day would come since she was diagnosed as dysfunction of kidneys on end of the last year.
But it was very very sad.
Although I had been very busy these days, I had been coming home as soon as possible everyday. Even lunch time, came back home.
Because she couldn't stand up by herself, she couldn't eat anything, she couldn't have pee by herself, I had to help her.

Two days ago, I found her under the bed when I came home. She tried to have pee by herself, she was lying down on the floor with her pee. She cried loudly when she found me.
She was getting cooler and cooler.
I picked up her and warmed her as much as possible.
I told her about whole story about us.
I found kitty siblings who were abandoned. They were still closing their eyes, their day-old were 2 weeks. I decided to bring them to home.
It has started our story since then.
It was long story.
But she could listen calmly, she was still breathing.
I took a quick shower, I lay on the bed with her. She was relaxing and lying down with me. She was getting warm.

I realized she didn't take breath when I fall into a sleep.
I was just unbelief.
I was holding her for a while. I couldn't sleep at all.

She was waiting for me to come home.
And she was waiting for me to feel relieved.
And she passed away filled with love.

Thank you so much, Kuro-chan.
Now, I can feel you everywhere even I was sleeping.
I'm happy because you aren't suffering through illness.
You are free!
I heard that in the afterworld the passage of time is faster than this world.
You will be able to find me when I will die.
So see you soon, Kuro-chan.

Jan 7, 2012

3 days holiday

Yesterday was the first day of my work as new company. It was so tired.
It was passing time when I just set up of printer and signature of my email.
I couldn't do nothing about paper working efficiently.
And I realized it was 10pm, I missed to join new years party. Arghh

Anyway, we have national holiday in this Monday. So we are 3 days holiday!
I'm planning to go out Sukiyaki restaurant on Sunday and eel restaurant on Monday with my boyfriend.
I know We are so big eater. But I can't wait for it!!

Jan 5, 2012

At Starbucks

I'm posting this blog at Starbucks.
It's so relaxing with Starbucks latte. I can't believe it will be done until today. Tomorrow, I have to work. I will change my company due to my company's order. We have to move from 33rd floor to 31st floor. People said that it would be small change. But i want to say It seems like completely different!! Sigh...
Anyway for now, I can feel free at Starbucks.

Jan 4, 2012


I got a email from Chris who is staying in NYC now. He wants to know the place where we ate nice meal overlooking Central Park.
It is Asiate!!
The view of Central Park and Columbus Circle from here is amazing. We went there for dinner, so we could see different kinds of overlooking Central Park and skyscrapers from early evening to night view. Food and the service is absolutely top notch. We did one of our better NY experiences!
Agrrr I want to visit NYC soon!!

Most Japanese included me make the first visit to shinto shrines on the very first day of the New Year.
This is the biggest annual event for us throughout the year. We visit there to pray for good health and good luck for the newly coming year.
I can feel refreshed when I visit shrine.
I read article that more than 90 million people -- or three out of four Japanese -- visit shrines or temples during just the first three days of the year.
Wow I feel I'm Japanese.

But I want to say New Year is tiring!!
I had to spend with my family. Especially I had to play with my niece and nephew. It was fun but it was completely different from normal life, like work for company, date with my boyfriend, hanging around and spend time doing nothing.
Spending time with my family was ok, but I just felt tired because of unusual activity.

Anyway, 一年の計は元旦にあり。The whole year's plans are made on New Year's Day, when doing something start with the plan.
I'd like to write this blog everyday.